Founded in the United States of America, Universal Brotherhood Movement is an international organization that has beloved members all over the world. And everywhere, there are celebrations of each nation’s birth or other important events.


In the United States, the country of UB’s founding, we celebrate the birth of our nation on July 4. We invite all to celebrate with us!


239 years ago in Philadelphia, PA a group of proud and feisty men, representing the 13 colonies of “The New America,” claimed their independence from England. In terms of universal time, 239 years is a small number; but in terms of our lives and the good fortune American citizens associate with our belonging here, it’s a magnificent number!


On Saturday July 4, 2015, in the middle of family parties, picnics, barbecues and the requisite fireworks that follow –  STOP – and reflect on the great good fortune you are actually celebrating. Pause to remember (this means taking your hats and caps off, gentlemen, and actually standing at attention) as you reflect on the sacrifices made by all those countless men and women who have fought for the freedoms we so liberally enjoy every day of the year.


In terms of lives lost and lives forever changed, 239 becomes an infinitely larger number, imbued with courage and faith, pride and deep trust. One of my most important spiritual teachers, Thomas R. Sandell, during a lecture in 1983 told a crowded conference room that “No one in this room has anything to complain about. We were all born in the United States of America and we are all American citizens, and that, my friends is incredibly good karma. Work with it!  Make something of yourself and stop complaining.”  I remember that day as if it were yesterday, and still get chills of affirmation at his words.


If you are an American citizen, whether born in this wonderful country or as a naturalized citizen, claim your pride in being an American and enjoy your weekend festivities to the fullest. As you watch those fireworks at the end of the day, recall the words to America the Beautiful:


“O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountains majesties 

Above the fruited plain!

America! America! God shed his grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!”


If reading brings you inspiration, may I suggest 1776 written by the brilliant biographer David McCullough in 2013.


As always, thank you for your service to UB, thank you for being a part of the love/healing and growth of the most wonderful country on earth, the United States of America.


Blessings to you and to all those you hold dear,


Rosemary Cathcart


Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 24, 2015 marks the 147th celebration of Memorial Day. 


General John Logan, the National Commander of the Grand Army of The Republic, “In an effort to unite a divided country following the Civil War,” originated “Decoration Day” on May 30, 1868.


Observed by 1890 in all northern states, “Decoration Day” was slow to gain momentum in the southern states until the close of World War I.  At that time, it was decided that the day should be celebrated as a way to honor the memory of all Americans who died fighting in any war at any time.


In 1971, Congress declared it a national holiday, officially changing the name to “Memorial Day” and moving it to the last Monday in May.


Here we are, 147 years later, still living in a world seemingly divided by politics, religion and ideological differences. It could be a sad commentary on the human condition, or we could turn it into the opportunity to come together in the spirit of honor, dignity and integrity.


That’s my choice! When I got up today I turned on the faucet and water came out; I flipped a switch and had electricity; my trash was collected and my mail delivered all with ease. These are just a few of the usual by-products of being an American. Privileges I hold dear and comforts I never want to be casual about. Somewhere, at some time, by someone wearing a uniform that represented this country – my freedoms – and yours were fought for. And won.


More than a 3-day holiday with lots of sales and plenty of partying, on this Memorial Day, please take a moment and pause to remember the shoulders on which the celebration rests.  My uncles and brothers all served in every branch of the Armed Forces, as I’m sure yours did and may well still be serving. 


Perhaps you could join a Veteran’s Day parade, or visit a cemetery and place a wreath on the grave of someone’s child, husband, brother, son. If you’re out and see a Vets or those currently serving, take a moment to look them in the eye, shake their hand and say thank you.


You might also consider joining in the National Moment of Remembrance. The National Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation.


I am so proud to have had the privilege to be born in this country and make an effort every day to help in “uniting a divided country” by healing the divisions within myself.


Thank you for your service, thank you for the celebration and for continuing to be a part of the love/healing and growth of the most wonderful country on earth, the United States of America. God Bless the USA!


All my best,


Rosemary Cathcart


Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

Easter & Passover Greetings 2015

Spring is in the air, and with it come the joyful celebrations of Easter and Passover. As we join together with beloved family and friends, sharing both prayer and meals, I would like to suggest that your prayers extend beyond those most dear and move outward to include our entire family of mankind. While loving those close, also make space in your hearts and your minds to extend Grace and Blessings to one and all.


To me, these sacred and holy traditions are meant to encompass introspection, reflection and deep forgiveness – forgiveness toward others as well as for ourselves. I don’t think it is an accident that the word forgiveness is mentioned 72 times in the New Testament. Could we have been given a clue to the true means of attaining peace and wholeness? Perhaps.


As always,  I want you to know that you are being held in the Light by everyone on the Corporate Board of Universal Brotherhood, and by our Founders, Rick and Jeni Prigmore. You are a vital part of this organization and as such we extend to you the warm embrace of genuine affection and caring; I hope you’re sensing it now!


May Grace allow you to rise higher and higher on this most special weekend of Easter and Passover blessings.


All my best,

Rosemary Cathcart


Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.


Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

On this anniversary of Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015, let us come together as a community of like-minded ministers and seekers.  Let us embrace “love” as the ultimate gift, the ultimate exchange of personal energy.


 Understanding we can only come from one of two places – love or fear – let us consciously choose to come from a place of love. Difficult though it sometimes is, if we “decide” to focus on love and become a resource in the world, we can accomplish that goal. Love is, after all, the ultimate reality and fulfills our purpose on Earth.


 Please know that you are held in the hearts and the minds of not only the Founders of Universal Brotherhood, Rick and Jeni Prigmore, but every member of the Corporate Board, including our Administrator, Robin Morini. You are showered with love and genuine affection on a daily basis. Please embrace that love and share it with all of those who are near and dear to you and with all of those to whom you minister.


 “Knowing that LOVE is the strongest power on EARTH, I willingly attune my heart, mind and body to love as I open myself to experience every aspect of this life I love living!”


 Happy Valentine’s Day!

 All my best,

 Rosemary Cathcart


Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

Holiday Greetings 12/24/2014

Love Notes from President Rosemary Cathcart

Hello and Happy Holidays – Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be of service to you individually, and to such an excellent organization as Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

As my first year as UB President comes to a close, I wanted to start the tradition of sending a Holiday message to everyone.

I want to begin by saying “thank you” to each of you for having the courage of your convictions and following your heart to UB. No matter your religious background, UB welcomes original thinkers who possess inspiration, a spirit of adventure and the heart of a leader. I am grateful for our membership as a whole and for each of you individually, wherever in the world you are. An organization is only as strong as the membership – and your uniqueness and your own willingness to grow means our membership is growing beautifully.

Please know that in all of our decisions as a Board, you as an individual are thought about and considered in our plans for the future. I want to hear from you and I welcome your communications at ubpresidentrmc@yahoo.com. Our Vice President, Kelly Graham, is equally open to your comments and can be reached at ubvicepresident@yahoo.com. Of course our Administrator, Robin Morini, is eager to assist in your ministry and welcomes your calls and emails as well. You can reach Robin at robin.ubm@gmail.com.

No matter what form your celebrations take, may you be filled with a joyful heart and a hopeful spirit. On behalf of the Administration and entire Board of Universal Brotherhood, I extend warm holiday blessings to you and to all those you hold dear.

Into The Light

Into The Light

by Rev. Dr. Jeni Prigmore

Out of my darkness, the place where fear lies,

The beginnings, the seeking for something brighter…

Out of my sadness, where the tears are a part of my day,

The possibility of a sweeter outcome…

Out of my ignorance, that muddling place of un-knowing,

There dawns the longing to learn…

Out of the Winter of My Life, cold and gloomy,

Surely there will be a spring…

Out of this void, where I feel un-filled,

I move into the Light of a new day…

Tentative, dazzled, enlivened.


Watching at the window

   As the fluffy flakes of snow
Come to change the world that we know
   To a temporary show
That reminds me, there’s a reason
   That purity of white
Comes during this cold season
   To help transform this night
The time when it’s SO DARK
   That we perhaps lose sight
Of the truth that a tiny spark
   Can transform it all with LIGHT. 
         - Jení 

Musical Reminiscence

Written by: Rev. Dr. Jeni Prigmore


Red and Green . . .

Now Silver – White

My heart is quiet . . .

“Silent Night”.


Children playing

Smiles unfurled

Through my mind . . .

“JOY to the World”.


Greeting Cards,

Holly Wreaths, AND . . .

Romantic thoughts

Of “Winter Wonderland”.


Department Stores

Their stories tell . . .

Toned down a bit:

“Bring “Silver Bells”


Carolers singing

For all they’re worth . . .

Bring forth the message

“Let There Be Peace on Earth”.




of This

and MORE !



Fire Fly
Fire Flys,
Little lights that brighten up the dark
Points of brightness I observe
They’re just a tiny spark
In fleeting seconds
I behold
A promise of something
A mere zip 
On the map of time
Fire Flys…
Lightning Bugs
That brighten darkness
Points of LIGHT
To see
Wonderment – was that REAL ?
I ask no one but me
Moments in the otherwise dark
Of Life’s night
Fire Flys…

PLEASE READ:  The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork has promulgated regulations that will make it a crime to practice hands-on energy work and
light touch therapies in New Jersey without a massage license after August 30, 2013. Energy work, of course, is not massage, but under this regulation
all energy and light touch practitioners could lose their livelihoods unless they spend the time and money to go back to massage school and learn
a skill they will never use. In addition, it will deprive people of much-needed healing services, both in hospitals and in the community.

Please help us communicate with New Jersey legislators and the New Jersey Board of Massage by signing our petition to exempt energy and light touch
practitioners from massage licensure. Also, please ask your family, friends and those who have been helped by these modalities to sign, post on
Facebook, communicate by email, etc. Let the legislators hear our voices loud and clear!

You can sign the petition at: