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A Moment of OM – Friday, August 26, 2011

Into most of our lives, there come moments when we realize that we’ve been given a “cross-roads” where this moment is a breath of Life; and perhaps the last one in this particular lifetime.  I’ve passed through several of those places since I’ve inhabited this particular body.  One such came in 2002.    When I realized that that particular brush with the Eternal Gateway was not to be, I wrote quite a bit.  I’ve found that times of stress and stretching often bring me fresh insights. Recently there have been two Beloved Friends who have faced their Soul’s “Decision Time”; and perhaps what I wrote way back then might express how THEY feel too.  As you look back, maybe it even reflects YOUR thinking.


“A Now Moment”


In this Sacred Morning

My Soul rises to give thanks.

In this peaceful time,

Just beyond the dawn,

My Heart sings its gratitude…

With this breath

I inhale All of Life.


I am communing

With awakening birds;

With last night’s raindrops,

Still clinging to freshly washed leaves.


In my very being, I embrace

The Beloved Friends

Who helped me heal the “ills” of yesterday;

And encourage me

As I walk forward into TODAY.



See you next Friday, Dear Ones.  Blessings and Peace Be with You, Jení

A Moment of OM – Friday August 19, 2011

BE the Light !


First a glimmer
Then the light
Morning comes
To banish night.


First a glowing
In the sky –
Dark is no longer
But… How ? and Why ?


Where there once was
None at all
Now there’s ME
Standing tall…


Willing to make a difference.

A Moment of OM – Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Creator, here we are, standing at the door to another dawn; and in its freshness we reJOYce that it is ours to embrace. In total Gratitude, we are Your Children.

See you next Friday – right here.

A Moment of OM – Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello, Dear Reader,

Each morning I sit in my rocking chair – facing windows on a little park area behind our home.  Perhaps you are not awake yet when I’m watching the light come into the sky (not everyone enJOYs being up between 4 and 5 AM); but it’s MY TIME of DAY.  I’m totally ALIVE as I wait and watch and allow myself to be fully present to Inner Guidance and Inspiration.This is most often when I feel the urge (maybe even the “need”) to write.  The words just seem to flow.


For a very long time I would write, and the pages would eventually be consigned to the waste basket.  A few I would put aside in a folder (now where did that folder go ?).  Maybe you know how that is in your own life.    THEN, one magic morning, when my sleepy-eyed sweetheart came to our breakfast bar; I had one of these little ramblings lying at my place, and he asked if it was ok to read it.  It was – he did.  His comment was something like:  “This is good stuff, are you saving it somewhere ?”  That was the beginning of what will one day be my book:  “One Soul”.  There’s plenty enough already to fill a slender volume; and somehow, it just doesn’t get done.


My Dear Ones, Rev. Robin Morini and Rev. George Rosvally suggested that I might like to put little entries on our UB website now and then, so that more people could enJOY the writings.  All at once, the little “light bulb” went on in my brain (or maybe it was my heart), and I knew it was time – book or no book – to share it with you.


It is my intention to give you some little something to read once a week.  If you’re interested, please join me on Fridays right here.  I’ll do my best to be faithful in the updating process.  I know you’ll be patient with me if something requires that I be elsewhere at that time.  Until then, My Dears, I wish you God’s Richest Blessings,  Jení

A Moment of OM


(Dear “All One”, God)



I stand before the altar of my day

and give heart-felt thanks

that I have the hours before me for praise.


I stand before the altar of my heart

and recognize its longing

to be of service to mankind.


I stand before the altar of my mind

and dedicate its working to the God of wisdom

-praying for Its continued presence.


I stand before the altar of my Soul

and allow the trust that burns

within in to lift each impulse to be LIGHT.


I kneel before the altar of “All One”

and express what is mine to express:

LIFE – vibrant, unique, sacred!

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