Rick & Jeni

The concept of a spiritual base to under-gird persons with a sincere intention to serve, developed from the desire of its founders to express their philosophy of non-judgment and unconditional love. Rick and Jeni Prigmore, in an attempt to express these principles in traditional religious structures, found themselves constrained by parameters of tradition, rules, and dogma.

More than 40 years ago, Rick and Jeni sat down with attorney friend Marty Zevin to create a legal base for their personal, independent ministry. The result became UNIVERSAL (for everyone) BROTHERHOOD (the international generic term for siblings) MOVEMENT (active service, not just theory, philosophy or preachment), INCORPORATED (a not-for-profit corporation).

From this seed, intended only for the founders’ ministerial base, there has grown an international association of thousands of unsolicited diverse ministries. From nearly 60 countries of birth origin and from most of the world’s philosophies, religions, spiritual disciplines and service orientations, have come dedicated seekers and servers to impact the world, each in his/her own way.

Information is supplied upon request to those seeking legal means to express their commitment to serve. Each commitment is recognized through the process of ordination in a special face-to-face meaningful ceremony which includes the affirmation,

“I hereby dedicate my life to the brotherhood of mankind.”


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