Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fire Fly
Fire Flys,
Little lights that brighten up the dark
Points of brightness I observe
They’re just a tiny spark
In fleeting seconds
I behold
A promise of something
A mere zip 
On the map of time
Fire Flys…
Lightning Bugs
That brighten darkness
Points of LIGHT
To see
Wonderment – was that REAL ?
I ask no one but me
Moments in the otherwise dark
Of Life’s night
Fire Flys…

PLEASE READ:  The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork has promulgated regulations that will make it a crime to practice hands-on energy work and
light touch therapies in New Jersey without a massage license after August 30, 2013. Energy work, of course, is not massage, but under this regulation
all energy and light touch practitioners could lose their livelihoods unless they spend the time and money to go back to massage school and learn
a skill they will never use. In addition, it will deprive people of much-needed healing services, both in hospitals and in the community.

Please help us communicate with New Jersey legislators and the New Jersey Board of Massage by signing our petition to exempt energy and light touch
practitioners from massage licensure. Also, please ask your family, friends and those who have been helped by these modalities to sign, post on
Facebook, communicate by email, etc. Let the legislators hear our voices loud and clear!

You can sign the petition at:**petitions/gov-christie-nj-**