To apply for ordination with Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.:

  • Complete your Request for Ordination (which may be downloaded by clicking here)
  • Write a “bio-sketch.” The bio-sketch is a autobiographical, spiritual statement, written in the first person, that delineates your personal path.

Please include how you got started on your path, what you are currently doing, and especially why you are seeking ordination. This essay can be a rich and expanding experience. Take time to allow it to express your uniqueness. Please do not send printed brochures, workshop or seminar flyers, or newsletters you produce. Your personal statement is the key requirement.

When you have completed these steps, scan the documents (including your receipt if you paid online), save the picture as a jpeg, and email everything to UB Executive Director Robin Morini at robin.ubm@gmail.com.

Alternatively, if you are using “snail mail” to send your application package, please enclose a check or money order made payable to Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. The mailing address is:

Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.
PO Box 670278
Coral Springs, FL 33067

Your application package will become part of your UB file, so you may want to keep a copy for yourself.

After your application package is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by a UB Minister Director to discuss your application. If your application is accepted, during your ordination ceremony you will be asked to affirm this statement:

“I hereby dedicate my life to the brotherhood of mankind.”

Whether or not you choose to request recognition of your ministry through ordination by Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., you are encouraged to reach out and touch the Earth and her inhabitants with love, compassion and responsibility.