A Moment of OM

A Moment of OM from Jeni
Please FEEL, in your own heart the special significance of this day of the year. TODAY we GROW! TOMORROW we GROW! Each day becomes brighter, more full of promise. May you breathe in each moment and know the FULLNESS of JOY in your life, in each of your days.

Greetings To All UB ~ Transition Time Into 2017

From Ancient Traditions
Through Centuries of Hope & Celebration & into the Faith that we Will move through a New Year with Clear Intentions of Human Betterment – A World made of people determined to make Life into Nobility.

Wherever you identify yourself, we honor your Path & Intentions.  May you walk Honorably & with Grace on the bosom of Our Mother Earth.
PEACE be with you, Every One.

Rev Drs Rick & Jeni’ Prigmore

The Promise of a New Day – A New Year

We wish you Grace & Beauty;


Glowing Good Health;


and Inspirations as you walk your Path.



Rick and Jeni

Into The Light

Into The Light

by Rev. Dr. Jeni Prigmore

Out of my darkness, the place where fear lies,

The beginnings, the seeking for something brighter…

Out of my sadness, where the tears are a part of my day,

The possibility of a sweeter outcome…

Out of my ignorance, that muddling place of un-knowing,

There dawns the longing to learn…

Out of the Winter of My Life, cold and gloomy,

Surely there will be a spring…

Out of this void, where I feel un-filled,

I move into the Light of a new day…

Tentative, dazzled, enlivened.


Watching at the window

   As the fluffy flakes of snow
Come to change the world that we know
   To a temporary show
That reminds me, there’s a reason
   That purity of white
Comes during this cold season
   To help transform this night
The time when it’s SO DARK
   That we perhaps lose sight
Of the truth that a tiny spark
   Can transform it all with LIGHT. 
         – Jení 

Musical Reminiscence

Written by: Rev. Dr. Jeni Prigmore


Red and Green . . .

Now Silver – White

My heart is quiet . . .

“Silent Night”.


Children playing

Smiles unfurled

Through my mind . . .

“JOY to the World”.


Greeting Cards,

Holly Wreaths, AND . . .

Romantic thoughts

Of “Winter Wonderland”.


Department Stores

Their stories tell . . .

Toned down a bit:

“Bring “Silver Bells”


Carolers singing

For all they’re worth . . .

Bring forth the message

“Let There Be Peace on Earth”.




of This

and MORE !



Fire Fly
Fire Flys,
Little lights that brighten up the dark
Points of brightness I observe
They’re just a tiny spark
In fleeting seconds
I behold
A promise of something
A mere zip 
On the map of time
Fire Flys…
Lightning Bugs
That brighten darkness
Points of LIGHT
To see
Wonderment – was that REAL ?
I ask no one but me
Moments in the otherwise dark
Of Life’s night
Fire Flys…

PLEASE READ:  The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork has promulgated regulations that will make it a crime to practice hands-on energy work and
light touch therapies in New Jersey without a massage license after August 30, 2013. Energy work, of course, is not massage, but under this regulation
all energy and light touch practitioners could lose their livelihoods unless they spend the time and money to go back to massage school and learn
a skill they will never use. In addition, it will deprive people of much-needed healing services, both in hospitals and in the community.

Please help us communicate with New Jersey legislators and the New Jersey Board of Massage by signing our petition to exempt energy and light touch
practitioners from massage licensure. Also, please ask your family, friends and those who have been helped by these modalities to sign, post on
Facebook, communicate by email, etc. Let the legislators hear our voices loud and clear!

You can sign the petition at:

Now and Then

Rev. Dr. Jeni Prigmore

When the “now” becomes the “then”

I’ll think of this day yet again

And recognize in hindsight, it’s a “gift”

Reminding myself to feel the “lift”

Of God’s eternal “presence”

Through whatever comes my way

My heart will flutter, but not sway

From knowing all the good that’s given

To transform my “Hell” to “Heaven”

It’s Good’s “forever essence”.


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
Leo Buscaglia

Our Friend, Greg Goodson

The sky’s a little brighter now,
One new star’s been added.

Earth, bereaved, remembering, counts its blessings at his hands and from his heart made lighter.

Faces in many countries
Lit up as his deep voice pronounced their names
and greeted them in their own language.

Now, devoid of his helping spirit and caring heart,
A number of worthy causes make efforts
to replace the irreplaceable – Greg – on their guiding teams.

He’s still there, of course, reminding all that each has a unique voice
and a significant role to play –
From at-risk teens to great grandparents;
Seeking to bring comfort when their world feels cold, uncaring.

This man, who loved and loves his family; championing not only his progeny,
but encouraging the close relationships of others.

He stood for closeness with those we cherish:
picturing (with his camera’s lens) and out-picturing (with his great heart and caring ways)
the great value of remembering the special days in others’ lives.

True – this planet is poorer, colder at this moment, as it mourns his passing;
Yet, richer by far for his glowing presence through these 80 years.

We miss you, Dear Friend,
and hold close to our hearts the precious memories you helped us build.

Shine on, Bright Soul.
Shine on.
Our up-turned faces seek your light still.
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