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Rev. Shalandra Abbey

Work: HI

Reverend Shalandra Abbey has enjoyed practicing Reiki Natural Healing full time since 1990. Shalandra says that Reiki is her ministry because it is the best way she has found to help make this a healthier and happier world.
As a 20 year plus Reiki Master she has witnessed many life changing transformations from hundreds of her students around the globe and delights in preforming various types of ceremonies for them. Rev. Abbey says that when you can perform a student’s wedding, bless their home and baptize their children you often will become lifetime friends.
Now living on Maui she loves performing wedding ceremonies on its many beautiful beaches and performing baptisms in the healing waters of the ocean and rivers. Often, when requested, Rev. Abbey will use Distant Reiki to connect with a person’s higher-self to receive information for customizing a ceremony.
Shalandra was ordained by UB in Florida in 1989 before moving to Kauai, Hawaii in 1990 and in 1991 being appointed to the newly formed position of Regional Minister/Director for Region 17. This new Region included Hawaii and the Far East. In 1992 Rev. Abbey had the honor of introducing Universal Brotherhood Movement in Australia.
In 2009 Minister/Director Shalandra Abbey published a book, Living a Life of Reiki, From Complete Healthcare to Ultimate Freedom in Day-to-Day Life. This work was her UBU Masters of Divinity thesis. Her book is available on her website and through leading book stores.


Rev. Deborah Belaus

Home: CT
Other: MA

New England Professional Wedding and Funeral Celebrant


Rev. Joanne Blum Ph.D.




Rev. Rosemary Cathart
UBM President




Rev. Rosemary Cathcart is an ordained minister, metaphysician and spiritual teacher who has been teaching and conducting a private practice since 1981.
Rosemary’s principal practice incorporates Reiki, Huna, hypnosis, guided imagery, gem and crystal work, chanting, astrology, numerology and work with the Pages of Shustah Interpretation of the Holy Kabbalah. Her approach is genuine and filled with an unconditional loving vibration that allows all individuals to experience their own beauty and value.
A lifelong astrological student and practitioner, Rev. Cathcart has trained extensively with the late Rev. Thomas R. Sandell/Shri Bodhisattva, Director of the Aquarian Research Center; Shri Brahmananda from the Ananda Ashram in New York; Moroccan Shaman and Sufi Master Jabrane M. Sebnat; Trance Medium Renie Wiley; Reiki Master Virginia M. Samdah; Reiki Master and Auric Healer Jeanne Greening; Wallace Black Elk and Grace Spotted Eagle, Grandfather and Grandmother of the Lakota Sioux; and with the late Native American teacher, Sun Bear.

Rev. Elizabeth Chadwick

The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
Work: NH

Rev. Chandita Choudhury


Chandita Choudhury is a Healing Facilitator, Empowerment Coach and a Meditation Teacher trained in several modalities including Reiki (Usui Reiki Master), Assertiveness Coaching, Angel Card Reading, Life Purpose Coaching, Visualization Meditation, Vedic Chanting and the Shen Tao Method of Releasing Fears. Since 2012, she has been
teaching and facilitating meditation, coaching and healing sessions. She is passionate about helping her clients and students envision the best path forward towards a life of joy, peace and abundance. Additionally, she is an Electrical Engineer (M.S.E.E) with a
decade of professional experience in the telecommunication industry (in the DFW area). Please visit her website to learn more.

Rev. Zita Christian


My stars aligned in 2012. That’s when I married my experience writing romance novels with my knowledge of creating rituals and launched Moon River Rituals, through which I serve individuals, couples, and families as a nondenominational minister and Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant to acknowledge and celebrate the moments and milestones of life. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to perform wedding ceremonies or vow renewals for more than 150 couples, and the honor to help families navigate the terrain of funerals and memorial services. Whatever the milestone, I cater to the “unchurched” – those individuals, couples, and families who want a truly personal ceremony that expresses their spirituality without dependence on religious affiliation. I serve couples in CT, RI & MA. In addition to serving couples having traditional, I also help couples who elope. I grew up in the Navy and have a tender spot in my heart for military couples who must often sacrifice the big, dream wedding because of a commitment to serve our country. I also have a tender spot for members of the LGBTQ community, many of whom were denied the dream of married love until marriage equality became the law of the land. A few years ago, I launched the television show, “Weddings with Zita.” On the show, I interview other wedding professionals; e.g., photographers, florists, musicians, etc. For most couples, planning their wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I’m happy to offer them free resources to help the process. You’ll find Weddings with Zita on YouTube In 2018, I launched Ritual Recipes, a podcast filled with practical magic to nourish your inner life. The podcast came in response to requests I often receive from couples several years after the wedding. They want to form their own traditions around the holidays. They want meaningful ways to celebrate family events, particularly the birth of a child . Some just want a mindful way to begin the day or launch a project. Some are single and want to open their hearts to love. Some are looking for ways to sever their marriage bond without destroying each other. Some want to connect with nature in rituals that celebrate the rhythms of the earth and the turning of the seasons. I know how powerful rituals can be in all these situations. At the heart of everything are the stories of who we are and what we cultivate. When we want to cultivate love, may every seed we plant grow twice.

Rev. Mary D’Abla

Rev. James Dekornfeld

Rev. Delores Devore

Work: GA

Rev. Robert Fahey

Work: FL

The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey is a highly intuitive seer, research scholar and author who conducts paranormal investigations of spiritual mediumship through practical demonstrations. At age 9, he was able to easily sense the presence and thoughts of others and had an uncanny ability to predict future events. When asked why this was possible, he was told it had more to do with the unexplained. Today, as a self-professed spirit medium and psychic, Dr. Fahey makes himself available to those who have crossed over to the other side acting as a bridge between two worlds so that a communication can take place. He uses his psychic ability to relay messages from an outside source, that of Spirit. Dr. Fahey does not promise a prediction or advice, but only hope for validation or “proof” of the authenticity of the messages being given.

Rev. One Eagle Feather

Work: FL

Reverend One Eagle is an Author of two books, The Gentle Walk and a children’s book, The Gentlest Place to Walk.  He is a Hollowbone Healer, Reiki Level Two and a Psychic Medium. He does Native Drumming and Readings during our monthly Cassadaga Tours. He has been on My Ghost Story on A and E Channel.
He also performs Native Weddings and does Native saging and blessings of places. He hand makes protective jewelry using special sacred stones infused with healing energy, worn by many Paranormal Investigators for protection.

Rev. Deborah Richmond Foulkes


Rev.Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSAScot, CM, D. Div is a recognized historical
researcher and author of four books on the Douglas Clan, dating from 1250- 1537. They are
available through major retail outlets in all formats including e-books as well as the publisher’s
site at Authorhouse.
The initial series known as the “Douglas Trilogy” was developed through extensive
research. The author spent nearly four years traveling through Scotland and England to find every
historical site referenced in her book, contacting the National Archives of both Scotland and
England for original documents and studying at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh
utilizing her two year Readers Pass as well as the medieval library at Harvard University by
special invitation. She is a lifetime member of Clan Douglas Society of North America and a
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries Scotland. She earned her D. Div with UBU with her first
Deborah Foulkes’ credentials for historical research served to compliment her other passion,
her belief in Spiritualism. A Certified Medium in the Spiritualist Church and an ordained
minister, Deborah Richmond Foulkes has combined her skills at Spirit Communication with her
academic acumen to write a treatise on her breakthrough discovery, proving reincarnation
through mediumship.
RIGHT OF PASSAGE, What the Dead say about Reincarnation, is the template for
proving past lives for everyone. Deborah Foulkes shows us that prior incarnations can be
validated through facts revealed through messages from Spirit that are verified through the use of
original, historical documents. The importance of her discovery is that the personality of the soul
remains constant lifetime over lifetime.
As a Medium, Deborah has demonstrated Spirit Communication internationally in Belgium,
Finland, England, Scotland, Canada, and the Bahamas as well as throughout the United States.
She has studied Trance Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, England and has
taken the Morris Pratt Institute three year certification course for mediumship. Deborah has also
studied with Dr. Brian Weiss, taking his course in Past Life Regression Therapy. She is also a
Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. As an author of five books written with Spirit and a
certified medium, her work been featured on BBC Scotland, the ION network in Chicago, NBC
Channel 17 in Raleigh, NC and the Comcast Network in Philadelphia and Boston.
A Spiritualist, author and historical researcher, a Spiritual Medium, and a Reiki Master,
Deborah Richmond Foulkes has taken Mediumship to another level, to prove that past lives are a
fact and that reincarnation is not just desirable, but a necessity for soul growth and development.

Rev. Dianne Frazier


Rev. Dianne’s interest in human nature lead her to a degree in Psychology and Communications. She is an ordained Reverend, Minister Director, as well as a trained Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner, Reiki Master and Hollow Bone healer, and is the founder of Spiritlight Paranormal Ministry.
Rev. Dianne has studied and developed her abilities for many years. She is a Psychic Medium, and uses her abilities to communicate with spirits to help with paranormal cases as well as delivering messages from loved ones.

Rev. Dianne Frazier has a published chapter in John Kachuba’s book, “Ghosthunters.” She  leads monthly Paranormal Tours at the Cassadaga Hotel, and

Rev. Sheri Gilburth Fungcap

Sheri Gilburth Fungcap grew up in Jackson Ms. always wishing to serve her community and the world.  However in the fall of 1999 she fell into a depression that led to anorexia/bulimia.  In the fall of 2000 she left her dreams of college life in order to heal in the N. Ga. Mountains where her mother and father had purchased a beautiful retreat center property.  Through the healing of her illness, Sheri remembered her earlier desire to support those in need, and gained a passionate empathy for the world.  In April of 2005, she graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage with a national certification in Massage Therapy and Asian Acupressure/Massage.  She immediately opened her own private practice and a year later named her company Heart Center Therapy.  Since graduating massage school Sheri has earned certificated in Reiki Mastery, Pranic Healing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, has studied with many shamanic healers and medicine men/women and published her first inspirational book Grace…A Healing Journey to the Heart Center” based on her life story.

In July of 2012, Sheri was ordained with her bachelors of divinity through the Universal Brotherhood Movement.  She now offers spiritual counseling to those in need of a safe loving space to release fears and trauma while connecting to their inner truth. Her healing workshops based on her book and spiritual counseling work launch the fall of 2015.

Rev. Kelly Graham UBM Vice President

Rev. Ida-May Hanson


Happy Ever After Life Florida Minister
Rev. Ida-May Hanson, senior minister, was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada, speaking both English and French and has lived in the U.S. since 1999. Living in Miami, Florida, Anaheim Hills, California, Carmel, Indiana and now in Leesburg, Florida. She started her ministry, Happy Ever After Wedding Officiants, February 9, 2009 and has never regretted one minute of the hard work it took to put together something that would be worthy of a couples attention and raves. The feelings of sharing and accomplishment were well worth the learning and work that was involved in starting a ministry from scratch. Having the love and desire to help and accommodate everyone as much as possible made her aware of the needs that couples were having looking for a highly competent and reliable Minister to perform their wedding ceremony. Ida-May researched all of the Wedding Vendors in the area in order to help couples locate the vendors they needed to put together the wedding of their dreams. Offering the couples not only officiating duties but also help with the entire planning stages of the wedding with files to help them from start to finish. Today Happy Ever After Wedding Officiants has grown and there are ministers in both Indiana and Central Florida. All the ministers live by the motto
“We love what we do & so will You!”

Rev. Ruth Harris


Ruth Harris has studies healing, soul retrieval , spiritual counseling, space clearings, past lives both in the US and India. She has had formal training for over 20 years She is a minister in the Universal Brotherhood Ministries Church of Wisdom and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Ruth is listed and is a part of the Devasunlimited in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. Ruth Has traveled to Puttaparthi 10 times to studies and learn in the Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba. Ruth lives in the mountains of North Carolina but has worked and traveled internationally to hold workshops, sessions and has clients in over 28 countries.


Rev. Julie Joy


Julie Joy is an interfaith Reverend with a ministry geared towards channeled art and healing. She was born in Ohio and relocated to many different cities and states throughout her childhood. The challenges and stress brought to her as she moved from place to place as a child initiated her spiritual growth. Artistic creativity came naturally as a way to seek peace for the budding artist. Through the years, Julie Joy’s spirituality and artistic gifts began to merge into one.
Julie Joy has studied a multitude of various healing modalities. She uses healing modalities such as Reiki, Oneness Blessing and Soma Energetics Tuners. She has gazed over a thousand times with the gazer named Braco of Croatia. Each healing modality opens Julie to a higher vibration and helps her to create heart centered, channeled art. When creating and connecting to universal life forces the art produces healing to those who seek it similarly to how a candle emits light. You can raise your own vibration and open your heart to a love state by placing Julie Joy’s art in a room. Julie Joy’s journey is to raise the consciousness of humanity, bringing clarity, and opening hearts to heightened states.
Julie is a light worker who has a passion for healing, painting, channeling, teaching and bringing those who are open to have clarity in their lives, awaken to a higher state of consciousness and find their life’s purpose.

Rev. JoAnne Kenyon


Rev. JoAnne Kenyon provides a setting in which people can share out-of-the-ordinary – as well as ordinary – experiences and challenges, ask questions, and receive support exploring non-physical aspects of life. Working at a Distance or In-person, JoAnne finds everything as patterns of Light and Information. She makes use of what shows up to facilitate balance, well-being, harmony, and alignment of self and Self. In addition to being a Minister / Director with UBM, JoAnne’s background is in Brennan Healing Science®, Light Body (Orin & DaBen), Quantum Touch®, Matrix Energetics®, Jin Shin Do Acupressure®, Massage for Relaxation & Stress Relief, Hospice, A Course In Miracles, and outdoor education. She lives off-grid in Vermont, and teaches Massage and Energy Balancing at Middlebury College; in Private Practice since 1987.

Rev. Emily King

Work: NY

Emily King is a certified Civil Celebrant and ordained minister who is
legally empowered to act as the officiant at weddings in New York
State and New York City, as well as neighboring states. Bilingual
ceremonies in Spanish, French, German and Italian also available. Rev.
King is the founder of the Sacred Word Healing Circle, an
omni-denominational spiritual potluck for patients, and their families
and caregivers that has met in hospitals, rehabs and retreats as well
as in its original home in the beautiful brownstone salon of the
American  Association of University Women New York City Branch.
You can also contact her through Celebrant USA Foundation (

Rev. Gregg Kits DD

Work: NJ

Gregg Kits is licensed and certified to provide services as a wedding
officiant, Christian chaplain, and non-denominational reverend for all
types of marriages, ranging from the modest styles to elegantly formal
ceremonies. The types of weddings that can be officiated vary
depending upon the couple’s desires. In some instances a civil or
religious ceremony is performed, then again we’re open to new ideas
to help make your special day exactly how you dreamed it would always
be between you and your soul mate.
Ceremonies can be held in the following locations; the entire state of
New Jersey, NYC, Southern New York State, Eastern Pennsylvania,
southwestern Connecticut and its surrounding areas. The Clifton, NJ
location has a room that measures, 20’x30’, perfect for larger
wedding ceremonies. There is also a 20’x20’ room on the site; a
Victorian parlor used mostly for smaller ceremonies and receptions
providing a perfect setting to photograph the wedding for a lifetime
of memories.
The wedding parlor is conveniently located just a short distance away
from the historical site in town known as; Lambert’s Castle. It is
an excellent place to perform outdoor weddings, photograph the
ceremony and include nature’s beautiful scenery in the background of
each breathtaking photo. Wedding packages vary and depend upon the
type of wedding requested.
The cost of a simple, no-frills wedding is $150. There are many other
options to choose from with prices set accordingly. Contact
information, additional services and prices are available online

Rev. Diane Larson

Work: WA

Reiki Master at Seattle City Reiki

Rev. Amari Magdalena


Unbecoming Me
On Becoming Invisible
Awaken Your Inner Personas
Blue Moons and Golden Suns
Shaman Talk
We Dance to a Whispered Voice

Rev. Robin Morini

Executive DirectorUniversal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.
Other: P.O. Box 670278, Coral Springs FL 33067USA
Work Phone: (954) 574-9904

Rev. Dr. Rachel Mueller-Lust


Rev. Dr. Rachel Mueller-Lust is a speaker, teacher, blogger, certified executive and life coach and founder of Wondrance Woman Life Coaching. is dedicated to helping women executives create magnificent and fulfilling lives. Through her workshops, courses, speeches and coaching programs, Rachel helps women executives who feel stuck leave their corporate positions with positive energy and excitement for what’s next. She provides support and guidance so that her clients feel confident as they plan and implement huge changes in their life. Rachel has more than 20 years experience as a senior business executive, leader and educator in media and marketing and has been a life coach for over 15 years. She earned a B.S. in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is certified as a professional coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute, is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® and is ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. She lives with her husband in the beautiful woods outside of New York City and can be reached at LinkedIn, Facebook, @rmuellerlust.

Rev. Maureen O’Shaughnessy

Home: HI

Rev. Dr. Gregory Possman

Work: NC

Reverend Gregory Ashid Possman is a trance channel for Archangel Michael, Master Teacher Spirit, Quan Yin, Merlin, the Council of Shambhala, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Reverend Possman offers recorded channeled private sessions by phone. He shares metaphysical teachings such as the Manifestation Acceleration Technique and numerous other workshops. Gregory holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University, having majored in International Marketing and Management. His goal is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering others. As Past President of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Gregory ordains interfaith, non-denominational ministers throughout the world. He has performed ceremonies, including the Soul Release Ceremony, The Ascension Process, Power Point Initiations, clearings, baptisms, memorials and weddings. As a channel and teacher, Gregory has traveled the world, and has led spiritual journeys to Sacred Sites.

Rev. Donna Pouliot

Rev. Rick Prigmore

Rev. Taron Puri

Work: India & Canada

For the past 35 years, former immigration judge Taron Puri has been supporting, guiding, mentoring and teaching individuals and organizations on how to bring deeper levels of awareness, alignment and clarity into every aspect of their lives. Taron’s expertise is rooted in first being mentored by his father in Spiritual and Metaphysical philosophies, followed by extensive mentoring and study in the area of Energetics and Mind Management Practices.

Rev. Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay RM

Work: FL

Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay
BA Div., Reiki MT, Psychic, Medium, Prophetic Channel.
Mentor of Transformational Energy Release and Psychic/Spiritual Development, Adamantine Practitioner, Pet Psychic, and Multi-dimensional Galactic Being.
Founder of Goddess T.O.U.C.H. and A DAY OF SELF-DISCOVERY
Creator of The Goddess TOUCH Healing Technique©

Rev. Dr. Barbara J. Roberts

Work: GA

Rev. Dr. Barbara J. Roberts is a Minister Director with Universal
Brotherhood and a wedding officiant, having married hundreds of people
since 1993.
She also has been interviewed on national radio and TV, taught classes
and written books on the subject of health since 2000. Her recipe book
of 115 recipes are all wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, artificial
sweetener-free, and therefore guilt-free! Barbara has lived by the
principles explained in this book, and is enjoying the best health of
her life. Her goal is to help other health conscious people achieve
their optimum level of health as well. The website for that is
To this end, she has written a book “Alive Health Recipe Book –
Healthy Eating On The Run,” available on Amazon, and has put the book
on video. The link for YouTube is and for iTunes is She welcomes feedback from
the community.

Rev. Brian Sheen

Work: FL

I was ordained by UB in 1998 and have been  offering a wide variety of alternative therapies at the Quantum Healing Center in Delray Beach until 2014  to help individuals live a more empowered and spiritually connected life. I have been involved with Complementary and Alternative Medicine research and development for the past 44 years and am the founder of the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (FICAM). My work integrates over 108 different tools and strategies to activate the body’s inner pharmacy to rebalance the endocrine system and create emotional wellness. Focus, greater calm and self-regulation return as this is done while emotional intelligence soars! I have now taken my practice online with a new app on online self improvement program that provided daily life coaching to participants. I still give special training workshops on a wide variety of topics aligned to obtaining greater peace,freedom,wellness,life extension and expediting ones healing process mentally,emotionally, physically

and spiritually.
My new book the 7 Keys For Attention Development helps reverse the underlying causes for attention deficits, disorders, distractions and depression. It shares the tools and strategies, of the protocol which I have developed which has had a 97% success rate in greatly improving the unwanted symptoms of ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety  and stress related symptoms while helping participants avoid taking psychotropic medications and/or becoming medication free!

Rev. Paula Mari Tepedino

Work: PA
WebsitePaula Mari Tepedino (

Rev. Jill Volpe

Work: GA
Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Counselor

Rev. Paula T. Webb

Work: CA
Global Publishing House
“Where your publishing Dream becomes a Reality”

Rev. Marcella Zinner

Author & Spiritual Counselor