Thanksgiving 2016

Greetings and warm wishes to everyone on this Thanksgiving 2016!

On behalf of the entire Corporate Board of Universal Brotherhood (most especially our Founders, Rick and Jeni Prigmore), I’d like to extend warm, embracing wishes laced with gratitude and kindness to all of our esteemed Ministers and their families.

Life gets so busy these days, and time seems to just fly by for all of us; too much to do and too many demands can be stressful.

I’d like to invite all of us (me included) to take a slow deep breath as we sit around the table on Thursday, and see the love coming back to us from everyone at the table. Family, friends, co-workers; new friends and old alike all benefit from a heart-felt smile and a cheery word of ease. Then imagine those blessings extending out beyond your home and into your community, the state, the country and the entire Universe as well.

“There’s a road that’s made of memories that goes from heart to heart. A path that spans the time and many miles we’ve all been apart. There’s a bridge of special feelings made of all the joys we share, and Thanksgiving is the perfect journey of warm thoughts from here to there.”

May your journey through this most special holiday be filled with love, laughter, happy moments and wonderful food.

With love and care to us all,


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