September 29, 2011 – A Moment of OM


Are you Mindful of what’s around you as you walk through your days ?

We are constantly re-minded of the goodness of doing just that (or BEing just that).

Two nice examples came just today:

At our doctor’s office there are posters in each treatment room and the waiting areas.

The one we noticed today (wish I could have sent the beautiful picture with it) was:

“Cherish your dreams and aspirations.  They are the children of your soul,

the blueprints of your ultimate achievements”.

This evening, we were checking into the TV station that originates here in our village to

see about tomorrow’s weather, and here was The Thought for Today “A man with a dreamis much more valuable than a man who knows all the facts”.


Just love sharing inspirations with you.  That’s it for now…  See y’all next Friday.

Until then, may your dreams and aspirations bring you face to face with the JOY

THAT CAN BE YOUR LIFE !    Live it with Gratitude.




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