Easter and Passover Greetings 2019

Welcome to the delightful season of Spring when the flowers begin to pop their patient heads out of the departing grounds of Winter, letting us remember all over again that life is a constant source of miracles.


Though the network of Universal Brotherhood Ministers is varied and wide, we are none the less “family” by choice.  As we enjoy the many privileges afforded us as American citizens, one of the most precious (at least to me) is the ability to worship freely in whatever manner best serves our deepest connection to God and Divine Spirit.


For UB Ministers in the midst of celebrating Passover (April 19 -28th) and those of us who will be celebrating Easter on Sunday the 21st, may we all find ourselves in the company of people we love and with whom we enjoy a deep and profound sense of respect and genuine integrity of spirit.


As we come together in our chosen manner of prayer and celebration throughout this time of holiness, let us be mindful of the extraordinary power of intentional prayers scattered across our communities, our country and ultimately across the entire Cosmos.  We are all brothers and sisters in spirit, and throughout this season of reverence, as we intentionally widen our circle of love and influence, we become the living embodiment of the Christ spirit in action.


To me these sacred and holy traditions are meant to encompass introspection, reflection and deep forgiveness ~ forgiveness toward others and toward ourselves.  I do not think it’s any accident that the word forgiveness is mentioned 72 times in the New Testament.  Perhaps that is a clue to the true meaning of attaining peace and wholeness?  I believe it is.


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As always, please know that you are being held in the Light by everyone on the Corporate Board of Universal Brotherhood, and by our Founders, Rick and Jeni Prigmore.  You are the life blood of this wonderful organization, and as such, we extend to you the warm embrace of genuine affection and caring; I certainly hope you are

feeling that at this moment and throughout each season of the year.  Please let us hear from you, regularly.

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May Grace allow you to rise higher and higher during these most special and holy celebrations of Passover and Easter.


Blessings to you and to all those you hold dear,

Rev. Rosemary Cathcart, President

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