11-11-11 A Moment of OM

Look at those numbers… They can translate to Spiritual Responsibility, I’ve been told. Do you relate with that interpretation ? It’s Veterans’ Day (thanks to all who have served our country in that way). It’s also the day of each year when the Brahma Kumaris (World Spiritual University – based in India) celebrate the festival of Lights. In years past, Rick and I have lighted candles in each room in our home for at least an hour – moving from room to room; speaking the names of those we hold dear and implicit in that spoken name is the blessing and prayer that all will be given in perfection to that dear person. The Angels of Light NEVER make a mistake – no matter what words may spring to our hearts regarding those persons, the amazing blessings flow to and all around them. So, to you – those we know and cherish by name, and those whom we have yet to meet – know that we hold you in Heart Light as the day progresses. Be well – be in Light – be the BEST YOU possible, and know that you are loved.

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