Hello 2016

It’s rather hard to believe, but it’s time to bid 2015 farewell as we open ourselves to all of the possibilities and potential of the new year ahead ~ 2016!
A year from now I wonder who we all will be? We might just surprise ourselves!
What if we simply allowed ourselves to be enthusiastic at all of the possibilities just waiting to be discovered? What if we all had the courage to breathe our own brand of brilliance into a living, functioning form? What if we could all leave the past behind and only focus on the here and now as if our very lives depended upon it?
What if we all just agreed to have fun with our creativity and explored our highest potentials as we pretended no grown-up was watching or criticizing or belittling our efforts?
What if we just lived a joyful, courageous, compassionate life that focused on goodness and right action inspired by truth?
What if every person cleaned up their own messes and acted as if love was the fuel that propelled their every thought, plan or action?
It’s a lot to comprehend, but I believe we’re up to it.
For me, I’m going to work at staying present as I continue to express deep gratitude for my life and the opportunity to live. I appreciate so deeply my life, my home, my loved ones and friends who are like family to me. I appreciate my sweet canine companion, Cayce and all she teaches me and shares with me on a daily basis. I appreciate the opportunity to continue growing, changing, learning and exploring this thing called life. I appreciate my work and every client who finds their way to me.
And for our precious “beloveds” also knows as Universal Brotherhood Ministers ~ thank you for demonstrating what dedication and perseverance look like every day.  Thank you for continuing to maintain your commitment to your own personal ministry and to the original principles set forth by our Founders, Rick and Jeni Prigmore.
Although I have been a part of this esteemed organization since 1983, I remain humbled and gratified that I  have the opportunity to serve as President. No one works alone, and I stand on the shoulders of every UB President that has gone before me, along with our entire Corporate Board. In the company of our outstanding Administrator, Robin Morini, we strive every day of the year to keep our foundation strong as we continue to branch out and grow year after year. We cannot do that without each and every member and your continuing contributions in terms of newsletter articles, inspiration, time and financial backing. You are, after all, the face of UB to the world.
I believe that love is all that has ever mattered. I also understand that what we focus on increases tenfold, so I will be working on my focus and the outreach of UB in the New Year. As we approach 365 days of new opportunities, I’ll be focusing on love for myself so that I have more love for this wonderful organization known as Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.
May your life in the coming New Year be a testimony to all that you have been and all that you hope to be in the future. You have the support and the encouragement of the entire Corporate Board behind you. I only know two things with my entire being:  Divine Order always prevails and the best is yet to come! And so it is!
Blessings and love to you and to all those you hold dear,
Rosemary Cathcart
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