Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., is very simple at its core. It is the concept of a spiritual base to support people who have a sincere intention to serve others.

Rick and Jeni Prigmore founded UBM in 1976. They wanted to express their personal philosophy of non-judgment and unconditional love, but found themselves constrained by tradition, rules, and dogma when they attempted to work via traditional churches and religious structures.

So Rick and Jeni sat down with attorney friend Marty Zevin to create a legal base for their personal, independent ministry. The result became

  • UNIVERSAL – inclusive
  • BROTHERHOOD – generic term for siblings
  • MOVEMENT – active service, not just theory or philosophy or preaching
  • INCORPORATED – a not-for-profit corporate structure

Rick and Jeni did not foresee others joining them on this quest. But from this seed, UBM has become a worldwide organization of varied and diverse ministries.

From nearly 60 countries, and from most of the world’s philosophies, religions, spiritual disciplines and service orientations, UBM now is proud to support dedicated seekers as ordained ministers.

UBM provides a means for people to express their commitment to serve through ordination. Members’ commitment is an ordination ceremony that includes the affirmation “I hereby dedicate my life to the brotherhood of mankind.”

If this idea resonates with you, perhaps you might want to explore ordination with UBM. Click on the “ordination” tab above for more information. And welcome!

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