Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

On this anniversary of Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015, let us come together as a community of like-minded ministers and seekers.  Let us embrace “love” as the ultimate gift, the ultimate exchange of personal energy.


 Understanding we can only come from one of two places – love or fear – let us consciously choose to come from a place of love. Difficult though it sometimes is, if we “decide” to focus on love and become a resource in the world, we can accomplish that goal. Love is, after all, the ultimate reality and fulfills our purpose on Earth.


 Please know that you are held in the hearts and the minds of not only the Founders of Universal Brotherhood, Rick and Jeni Prigmore, but every member of the Corporate Board, including our Administrator, Robin Morini. You are showered with love and genuine affection on a daily basis. Please embrace that love and share it with all of those who are near and dear to you and with all of those to whom you minister.


 “Knowing that LOVE is the strongest power on EARTH, I willingly attune my heart, mind and body to love as I open myself to experience every aspect of this life I love living!”


 Happy Valentine’s Day!

 All my best,

 Rosemary Cathcart


Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

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