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Julie Joy is an interfaith Reverend with a ministry geared towards channeled art and healing. She was born in Ohio and relocated to many different cities and states throughout her childhood. The challenges and stress brought to her as she moved from place to place as a child initiated her spiritual growth. Artistic creativity came naturally as a way to seek peace for the budding artist. Through the years, Julie Joy’s spirituality and artistic gifts began to merge into one.

Julie Joy has studied a multitude of various healing modalities. She uses healing modalities such as Reiki, Oneness Blessing and Soma Energetics Tuners. She has gazed over a thousand times with the gazer named Braco of Croatia. Each healing modality opens Julie to a higher vibration and helps her to create heart centered, channeled art. When creating and connecting to universal life forces the art produces healing to those who seek it similarly to how a candle emits light. You can raise your own vibration and open your heart to a love state by placing Julie Joy’s art in a room. Julie Joy’s journey is to raise the consciousness of humanity, bringing clarity, and opening hearts to heightened states.

Julie is a light worker who has a passion for healing, painting, channeling, teaching and bringing those who are open to have clarity in their lives, awaken to a higher state of consciousness and find their life’s purpose.

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