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Rev. Dr. Barbara J. Roberts is a Minister Director with Universal
Brotherhood and a wedding officiant, having married hundreds of people
since 1993.

She also has been interviewed on national radio and TV, taught classes
and written books on the subject of health since 2000. Her recipe book
of 115 recipes are all wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, artificial
sweetener-free, and therefore guilt-free! Barbara has lived by the
principles explained in this book, and is enjoying the best health of
her life. Her goal is to help other health conscious people achieve
their optimum level of health as well. The website for that is

To this end, she has written a book “Alive Health Recipe Book –
Healthy Eating On The Run,” available on Amazon, and has put the book
on video. The link for YouTube is and for iTunes is She welcomes feedback from
the community.

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